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McCann's bar customers notice: due to the increasing concerns over covid-19 and the recent government announcement,we will be closed to the public from Friday 13th until Sunday 29th March,we are sorry for any inconvenience but public health,and the safety of our staff is a priority,we will keep you updated on the situation in the coming weeks.

McCann's of James's St.

In the true tradition of the Irish public house. The Irish public house has an important role in the life of Ireland and its people. It's a place for people to gather and meet, catch up with friends and local news, have a drink or just get in out of the cold.
When Paddy Hannan opened the doors of his pub, That's just what he aimed to do. Like many public houses back then, Hannans sold more than drink. You could buy tobacco cut from the block, a loaf of bread, half a dozen sliced rashers, tea and many other household items.
In those days public houses might have been all male preserves but a lady could enter the snug and enjoy a glass of stout or a schooner of sherry while Paddy filled her shopping order.
Paddy ran Hannans single handed , standing behind the counter in his full length apron, he believed the public house has always been there to serve the public and in the true tradition of the public house - that's just what he done. The pub was built in 1759 and now is operating as McCann's Bar and is officially the closest bar to Guinness's Brewery / St. James's Gate.


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McCann's Bar, 117 James's St. Dublin. Ireland ...