McCann's is an old Dublin bar that specialises in fine whiskies. Our whiskey library now contains nearly 30 of Ireland's finest whiskies and is continually growing. With comfortable seating and walls adorned with pictures of old Dublin, this bar provides a warm cosy atmosphere in which tho chat with friends while enjoying your dram.
If whiskey is not your thing we also have a great selection of beers, wines and other choice spirits.

Irish Whiskey

Jameson ...  €4
Powers ...  €4
Paddy ... €4
Bushmills ... €4
Tullamore Dew ... €4
Kilbeggan ... €4
Michael Collins ... €4
Red Breast ... €4

Clontarf 1014

is a bold and smooth Irish whiskey, triple distilled, aged in bourbon barrels and blended to perfection. Masterfully crafted from the best Irish ingredients and mellowed through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal. Clontarf is smooth, full flavoured and perfectly balanced. It has a rich, inviting aroma and a long lasting satisfying finish.


a simple and light Irish whiskey that is best mixed with your favourite soft drink, in hot whiskeys or Irish coffees


a great release from the people behind the newly formed Dingle Distillery in Co. Kerry. This particular bottling is drawn from malt and grain whiskeys produced at Cooley Distillery.


the Kilbeggan Distillery Malt Whiskey, the latest addition to the Kilbeggan family of fine whiskeys is produced from 100% malted barley. Due to the distinctive narrow necks of the ancient pot still design, it is an exceptionally smooth and flavoursome Irish malt whiskey of distinctive character.

Scotch Whisky

Black & White ...  €4
Teachers ...  €4
Glenfiddich ... €4
Famous Grouse ... €4
Chivas Regal ... €4
Dimple ...  €4
Bells ...  €4
McArthurs ... €4
Haig ... €4
Stewarts ... €4
Red Label ... €4
Ballantines ... €4


a unique style based on 30% pot still and 70% malt whiskeys from a Cork and Co. Antrim distillery. Slightly sweet and full bodied with flavours of spice, dried fruits and vanilla.


a smooth and medium bodied single malt from Cooley Distillery, This 8 year old single malt was first released in 2000 and was double distilled in traditional pot stills, 10% of the malt was peated. Using whiskies aged between 8 - 10 years it is medium bodied and plenty of fruit and spicy oak.


a first release of Irish whiskey for the Teeling Whiskey Company. This is a blend of Irish grain and malt whiskeys that have been married in rum casks before bottling.


Cooley's award winning grain whiskey, one of the few Irish whiskeys available in style. Grain whiskey is made from maize which Cooley distillery sources in France, this produces a very smooth and sweet flavour. Matured in first fill ex-bourbon barrels and released in small batches.





"A whiskey is a creation of something harmonious, balanced and fundamentally social. It brings together the mastery of the distilling process along with the mystery of its humble ingredients. It is this indefinable nature that makes a premium whiskey far more than the sum of its parts"